Vladimir Putin: Craziest Life Facts to Know

Putin Is A Sober Russian

As the leader of a country that is famed for its alcohol consumption, many may find it very surprising that Putin does not actually drink. Sure, you can see him at official events sipping on a glass of champagne (like in this photo), but that’s only a formality that he chooses to respect.

His very sober demeanor is one of the things that boost his popularity among Russians, especially considering that his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, seemed to be drunk most of the time, including when meeting with other world leaders.

One thing that is certain is that his example should be followed by more Russians, considering more than 30% of the fatalities in Russia are linked to alcohol consumption. To better understand just how serious the problem is, the same figure for the US is consistently around 3%, and the next country after Russia on the list is Estonia, with a mere 20%.

Source: therichest.com