Victoria’s Secret: the Most Expensive Bras in the World


Molly Sims is most valuable bra of the world which was prepared in 2006 and till now considered as most expensive bra of the world, this bra was designed by Susan Rosen who has also worked with Steinmetz Diamonds to create this magnificent piece of the world.

So material used on this bra including 51 carat D Flawless pear shaped, 150 carat of D flawless diamonds, a pair of 15 carat D flawless, 30 carat D flawless Emerald cut and also pair of 8 carat D flawless pear shaped diamonds therefore price of this bra is $20 million, in addition opted platinum is used in this bra instead of using cloth so American Actress Molly Sims has honored to wear this expensive bra of the world.