Victoria’s Secret: the Most Expensive Bras in the World

The most expensive bra in the world costs $20 million by Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret are the king of luxury lingerie and expensive bras. Here are some of the most expensive bras in the world in order of cost.

Rank,Bra Name,Price
1, Molly Sims Bra ,$20 million
2, Red Hot Fantasy Bra ,$15 million
3, Heavenly Star Bra ,$12.5 million
4, Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra ,$12.5 million
5, Very Sexy Fantasy Bra ,$11 million
6, Royal Fantasy Bra , $10 million
7, Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra ,$10 million
8, Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra ,$10 million
9, Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra , $6.5 million
10, Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra , $5 million

#5. Heavenly 70s Fantasy Bra (2004) – $10 million

This year’s jewel-studded innerwear masterpiece was called Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra, and rightfully so. It featured 70-carat pear-shaped diamond in the center and 2,900 pave diamonds in an 18-carat white gold setting, all put together by jeweler Mouawad. Priced at $10 million, the bra reportedly took over 275 hours of labour to make. It was presented by supermodel Tyra Banks.