Top Ten Worst Celebrity Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty is probably is most popular among plastic surgery procedures

– especially among the well known people in our society – I mean the celebrities. Almost every celebrity has given it a try. It is almost like if you don’t get your nose re-shaped, you cannot survive in the glamour industry. For some of them, it turned out to be a blessing and indeed helped raise their career graph.

For a few unfortunates, a nose job became their worst nightmare. Two things could have happened in this case of botched Rhinoplasty – a bad plastic surgeon or a plastic surgery addiction. Some stars never learn the lesson and is ready to go under the knife, several times to shape, shave and flatten their nose. And these are usually the ones that end up as bad plastic surgery example. Take a look at the top 10 worst celebrity nose job disasters.

Koena Mitra nose job gone wrong

Koena Mitra may not be among the best Bollywood actresses, but she sure has attracted enough attention with her plastic surgery disasters. Plastic surgery is pretty obvious on this once pretty face. Why did she decided to ruin her natural looks, is something we cannot understand! All she needed was a sharper nose, but ended up with the biggest plastic surgery disaster in Bollywood. The damage was so bad that she commented on her botched up nose job as; “Doctors gave up, said only prayers could work!”