Top 10 Youngest World Supermodels

It’s no secret – most models have a very limited time span within which they can have a successful career.

The average model gets discovered sometime in their late teenage years, around 16 to 18, has about half a decade of walking the runway and posing for world famous photographers, and then retires sometime in their mid to late twenties. It’s just the nature of the modelling industry.

Of course, there are exceptions – certain models reach a level of notoriety that allows them to work well into their thirties, forties, or even fifties. However, not everyone can be a Gisele, Naomi or Heidi, a one name superstar. The reality is that supermodels seem to get younger and younger.

There are efforts to counteract this trend – for example, in October of 2014, the state of New York passed a law that grouped models under the age of 18 in with child performers. Just like child actors, these models had restrictions about how long they could work, how much time they should be spending on their schooling vs. career, etc.

However, it certainly cannot be ignored that many of the biggest supermodels to ever grace the runway got discovered and achieved huge levels of notoriety before even being allowed to legally drink. Having graced hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of covers between them, the models on this list have all definitely earned the ‘super’ status.

Some went on to become icons, others retired after about a decade and live happy lives outside of the fashion industry. Here are 10 of the youngest supermodels over the past several years.

10. Gemma Ward

When Australian model Gemma Ward came onto the scene, the fashion world went absolutely crazy for her – with her giant wide-set eyes, she was the industry’s prized porcelain doll. Having been scouted at the age of 14, she debuted at Australian Fashion Week at only 15 years of age.

She went on to be the youngest model to ever appear on the cover of American Vogue at 16, at 17 walked in countless runway shows and became the face of a Calvin Klein perfume, and at 18 was the first model to grace the cover of Teen Vogue.

After several quiet years, she made a big of a return in 2014 walking the runway for Prada, she’s keeping her focus on a blossoming acting career.