Top 10 Things Kanye Wants Kim Kardashian to Change

5. Lead a More Private Life

Not only would Kanye prefer that Kim not seek out the media, but he would also like Kim to lead a more private life and share less with the public. He wants her to have boundaries with the public, something she hadn’t embraced until she met Kanye.

In a blog post, Kim wrote: “I have learned to understand that it’s important to have boundaries, especially when we are having a private date night dinner. So if someone came up to the table at dinner, I used to get up, take pics and sign an autograph in the middle of our meal. Now, I know that this time is our private time, and I absolutely will as soon as I’m done eating!

It’s not that he won’t let me sign autographs for my fans… far from it! Just as soon as we’re done! Totally understandable!”