Top 10 Things Kanye Wants Kim Kardashian to Change

1. Her Parenting

We all know that the decision to not have their daughter, North West, be on Kim’s family reality show was a largely Kanye influenced decision. This should come as no surprise given Kanye’s violent history with the paparazzi. Kanye is reportedly not happy with a few aspects of Kim’s parenting. For one, he is not pleased with Kim encouraging North to be a “selfie queen” and wants to keep her away from technology, like phones, tablets and TVs. In addition, Kanye is not happy when it comes to Kim wanting to parade North around.

It was reported that Kanye accused Kim of setting up a paparazzi ambush after they managed to take pictures during North’s first outing to the pediatrician – a meeting that reportedly no one outside of the immediate family could have known about. Kanye would prefer his daughter stay away from the media. It would seem that North might even agree after a video surfaced of her irritably telling the paparazzi, “I said no pictures!”