Top 10 Rappers Making Waves In Sneaker Culture

2. Meek Mill

So far in 2015, Meek Mill has had a year with some big ups and downs. On the upside, his sophomore major label effort debuted on the charts at #1. This was also the year when the world came to know that he was dating the reigning queen of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj.

On the downside, he recently lost a very public rap beef with Drake. It may not have destroyed his career, but it put some serious dents in the future potential of his rap stardom.

This year, Meek also released a sneaker with sports brand Puma. It’s the second time the two entities have worked together. The new release features an all-black patent leather upper with a metallic silver midsole. The slick shoes were priced at $120.