Top 10 Nude Celebrity Leaked Pictures of All Time

4. Scarlett Johansson

Before shooting a nude scene in the movie Under The Skin, Scarlett Johansonn took some personal nude photos with the intention of sending them to her husband at the time, Ryan Reynolds.

The curvaceous blonde identified her hacker as Christopher Chaney, who plead guilty to all charges back in 2011, and also admitted to hacking into the private accounts of several other female stars. In an exclusive interview, the creepy hacker bizarrely admits, “It started as a curiosity and it turned into just being addicted to seeing the behind-the-scenes of what’s going on with these people you see on the big screen every day.

I was almost relieved months ago when [authorities] came and took the computer and told me what was going on, that they knew. I didn’t know how to stop doing it myself…. I wasn’t attempting to break into emails and get stuff to sell or purposefully put it on the Internet.”