Top 10 Most Popular Workout Types in Fitness

Fitness is a status symbol now more than ever. Doing specific exercises or going to a specific gym can say a lot about you.

The integration of athletic wear into our causal wardrobes has also had a huge influence on the surge of many body changing fitness trends. Yoga pants aren’t just for down dog devotees anymore, they’re also for Sunday brunch and Starbucks. Many retailers, new(ish) and old have gotten in the game and cashed on this trend. Lululemon is simply ubiquitous. The Gap is also a big player with their athletic wear division, Athleta. But, there are also many trendy boutique athletic wear brands just as hot as the latest celebrity handbag such as Zobha, Splits59 and British import Sweaty Betty. Runway designer Stella McCartney even has her own line in collaboration with Adidas.

Here are ten body-changing trends in fitness. Some of these are traditional exercises that have been around since your grandparents’ time, but are currently more popular than ever. Some of these emerging trends combined or reinvented one or more traditional exercises that you might be doing already. Other exercises are entirely new and you might not be aware of them until now, but, everyone you know will be talking about these trends soon enough. All of these exercises have one thing in common: if you do them properly and do them enough, they will change your body.

10. Barre

Lots of women are choosing the barre over the bar, as a place to get together with their friends and get their bodies into shape. Barre classes are based on ballet barre exercises traditionally done by ballerinas. These classes are incredibly popular with women because while they are very intense, you don’t necessarily break a sweat.

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