Top 10 Most Hyper-Realistic Celebrity Dolls

Ellen DeGeneres doll

Cyrus said to get a doll’s look perfect he buys a factory-made doll, then sculpts a new head and paints it himself, like this Ellen DeGeneres doll.

To get the look of the celebrity dead-on, Cyrus said he often molds the dolls’ heads himself. ‘Sometimes I use an existing doll head mold, strip off the factory paint, and repaint it. ‘Often, though, I cannot get the likeness I want with a factory head sculpt.

‘In those cases, I will sculpt a new head myself, cast it in a mold, and go from there,’ he said. Although his muse appears to be Madonna, Cyrus’s collection will leave its viewers stunned at his ability to flawlessly replicate the world’s most renown stars.