Top 10 Freakiest Beauty Trends

South Korean youth have fallen in love with a new hairdo.

It’s called heart-bangs hair, which is cute and interesting, but not all beauty trends are like this. Some of them are just too out-there to contemplate. From dyed armpit hair to “Stiletto Surgery” to implanted eyeball jewelry — here are the Top 10 most bizarre beauty trends you’ve ever seen!

10. Rainbow-Dyed Beard Trend

Men dyeing their beards in bright colors is a trend right now and apparently this trend is here to stay.

Dyeing your beard isn’t a new thing, but it started becoming very popular lately due to the increasing number of men growing their beards! Not only that, some men are even putting accessories, like flowers, in their beard for a more stylish look. We can’t help but wonder, did men start this trend because they got jealous of women?!