Top 10 Flattest Female Celebrity Booties

Big booties have become one of Hollywood’s latest craze, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who show off their dangerous curves every chance they get.

According to multiple reports, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is the most requested operation from women in their early 20s, who evidently believe that just because everyone else is getting their buttocks enhanced, they need to join the bandwagon. Thankfully for the celebrities listed on this list, getting their butt enhanced is most definitely out of the question, as these celebs have embraced their relatively smaller curves and are far from ashamed in staying natural. Oddly enough, while it’s usually claimed that those who undergo a butt lift stand higher chances of a better and more successful career in Hollywood, these women are the clear definition that this particular stereotype isn’t necessarily true. While their butts might be flat, their careers seem to be expanding by the day — well, for some at least. Check out the 12 celebs with the flattest butts below.

10. Cameron Diaz

She’s hilariously funny, she’s rich, she’s married, she’s beautiful, and she is known to have one of the flattest bums in Hollywood. Whether on vacation or shooting a new film that requires her to show off her physique, there’s no denying that Cameron Diaz doesn’t carry the killer curves to compliment a booty. She’s been named world’s sexiest woman on numerous outlets but has failed to ever win any award revolving around her buttocks. She’s still incredibly hot either way, though, right?