Top 10 Cheapest Ways to Fake Big Boobs

Women have been hearing it for years. “The bigger, the better,” a belief that has resulted in hundreds of products and multimillion dollar industries, all claiming to give the most realistic illusion of a bigger bust.

Yes, there are pills and creams and supposedly soy milk, but let’s be realistic: that crap doesn’t work, and not all women are interested in going under the knife.

It’s safer and much cheaper to create the impression of larger breasts with one of many techniques out there and here’re the 10 cheapest ways to fake a big bust.

10. The Wonder Bra

The wonder bra is just as its title describes, a bra that makes others wonder how large a woman’s breasts really are. Likely the cause for disappointed men all over the world, the wonder bra works great until it comes off.
Some of these bras even come with gel or liquid inserts to give breasts a natural texture during an over the shirt groping.

Realistically it’s nice for a bra to have a little padding to keep the nips warm, but these bras are sometimes up to four inches thick and weigh about ten pounds. Luckily for men, this trend seems to have faded as women are coming up with more creative ways to give the girls a little help.