Tie Bar and Dwyane Wade team up for the style championship

Dwyane Wade and Tie Bar
Tie Bar and Dwyane Wade

Ever since the introduction of the Air Jordan brand in 1984, we’ve gotten used to seeing NBA ballers’ names on expensive basketball sneakers and sports clothing. Dwyane Wade, however, isn’t just any NBA star – despite his entertaining and physically demanding style of play, the Miami Heat star has received wide recognition off the court for his sense of style.

Dwyane Wade for the Tie Bar


Wade was on People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list, named the league’s best dressed player by GQ, got the 4th spot on Esquire’s Best Dressed People in the World list twice back to back and is a regular on the pages of various fashion magazines. It’s hard to look better than Dwyane Wade in a suit, so it’s no surprise that menswear retailer Tie Bar took a page out of Li-Ning and Air Jordan’s book and released a collection of menswear accessories bearing the superstar’s name. The Dwyane Wade collection,also known as Dwyane Wade for the Tie Bar (get it ?),┬áincludes ties, bowties, tie bars, cufflinks and more. Will this experiment be a success? Only time will tell. Perhaps we will see more of these collaborations in the future – Wade’s teammate Ray Allen, for example, also has a reputation of being a suit man.