Things You Didn’T Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

14. Possible side effects include infection and fat embolism.
Dr. Mendieta says they’re rare, but these are scary-sounding enough to make you swear off the procedure.

What’s fat embolism you might ask? That’s when your fat gets into your blood stream then make it into your lungs. It can be lethal. Yikes. Boost your butt at your own risk, people.

15. Even worse side effects come from black market silicone injections.
When professionals like Dr. Mendieta get requests for really extreme enlargements, they might say no — and then patients will go underground and get silicone injections from beauty salon owners or Home Depot workers.

Please don’t do that. It’s a really bad idea. Your butt could turn grey and fall off. I’m not kidding.

In conclusion, if you want to get a proper butt lift, it takes a huge amount of effort. Know what you’re getting into beforehand. And if you just want to boost your bum size without resorting to surgery or cosmetic procedures, take it from me: Pilates works wonders.