Things You Didn’T Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

As someone who’s fascinated by cosmetic surgery despite never having had any, I’m constantly dishing to my friends about the latest bizarre treatment I’ve discovered by perusing Instagram hashtags.

And the biggest crowd pleaser is always the Brazilian butt lift.

“Are you kidding?!” people shriek when I explain to them that yes, you can pay a doctor to suck the fat from your stomach and jam it into your butt cheeks. “That’s insane! What the fuck! Where do I get one and how much does it cost?”

BBL sounds like some miracle surgery from outer space — I mean, who wouldn’t want to have their fat redistributed into the places where they actually want it? But like all surgeries, it’s intense and requires months of recovery time. It’s not something to go into blindly.

(Also like all surgeries, celebs are all about it — but we’re just a smidge too classy here to speculate on who has and hasn’t. Sorry!)

I needed to know more about BBL and body contouring, so Real Self hooked me up with Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta, a jolly plastic surgeon from Miami who’s all about butt lifts.

Over the course of our phone call, he referred to himself as both “a sommelier of butts” and “the world’s expert on the booty.” Some rappers would disagree on that second point, but whatevs. Here’s what I learned.

1. “Brazilian butt lift” is just a cuter name for body contouring.
The cast of the reality show “Dr. 90210” coined the term because Brazilians are known for their pert and sizable booties, Dr. Mendieta said. BBL is actually just a specific type of body contouring or sculpting — redistributing someone’s body fat for a more desirable shape.

2. For body sculpting doctors, fat is considered “liquid gold.”
“Fat, a cell we’ve despised for centuries, has become our best friend,” Dr. Mendieta said. “Fat is liquid gold in surgery. I can create different shapes using it — its almost like clay.”