The worst Dressed Male Celebrities of all time

There are plenty of famous people with great style. Whether they’re killing it in a well-cut suit on the red carpet or embodying the idea of casual cool in a paparazzi photo,

there’s always that group of guys with style worth paying attention to.

And then there are the other dudes. The ones who keep horrible stylists in business and who regularly co-sign wack trends and brands simply because they don’t care or don’t know any better. Despite having the financial means and industry resources to look great, they don’t. Sorry guys, you’ve just made our list of The 10 Worst Dressed Celebrities of All Time.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

Say you’re worth, oh, $17.5 billion. Would you wear a hoodie, old tee shirt, and adidas sandals every day? Mr. Facebook will probably protest that fellow zillionaire Steve Jobs wore a simple black turtleneck every day… but we did some research, and Steve’s go-to getup was not too shabby — those Issey Miyake-designed suckers cost $175 a pop.