The World’s Most Expensive Cufflinks

To some, the whole notion of cufflinks may seem a little absurd because they are so tiny that they are easy to lose. After all, plain old buttons are so much more practical and are attached directly to the shirt, which prevents them from falling off and getting lost.

Nonetheless, to a great many others, cufflinks are the final piece of men’s wardrobe. Like many other fashion accessories, cufflinks convey a measure of style, personality, taste and social status.

Historically, cufflinks didn’t come into prominence until the 14th century when men’s sleeve ruffles emerged as a fashion statement. Initially, colored cloths or strings and ribbons were used to tighten their loose sleeves. Over time, more elaborate and attractive links were used to fasten these cuffs, transforming the ordinary sleeve fasteners into stylized and bejeweled cuff links.

The royal class is generally credited as being the driving force behind the evolution of cufflinks, especially during the reign of the Sun King himself, Louis the Great (Louis XIV, 1638-1715). His love of jewelry led to a whole collection of diamond cufflinks, rumored to exceed 150 pieces. His style was mimicked by members of the French royal court, and before long, by aristocracies across Europe.

However, it was not until the English Victorian era that cufflinks really took off, especially with the affluent middle class. Coats and jackets suddenly had to be accompanied by trendy cufflinks, and extra special ones were required for extra special occasions. Naturally, this led to an immediate explosion in design, choices of raw materials and of course, prices. For high society, cufflinks were crafted using steel alloys, gold and other precious metals, and were then monogrammed, bejeweled or even engraved with images, emblems and crests. Gentlemen from the middle class, nevertheless, can still look forward to beautifully and elaborately crafted cufflinks despite using less prized materials.

Over a century later, cufflinks are considered an essential part of haute couture, formal attire and business attire. Hundreds of fashions houses have exclusive lines dedicated to them, bearing an endless range of choices to fit every conceivable occasion.

10. Jacob & Co. Canary Diamond Square Cufflinks: $35,000.00/Pair

Designed by fine jewelers Jacob & Co, this formal cufflink is crafted in a minimalistic fashion meant to enhance the delicate beauty of the square 10.5 carat yellow canary diamond. Set atop a 14k white gold frame, the cufflink features an oval-shaped flip-back latch. The elegant design and soft colors makes this the perfect choice for the busy executive switching from work to evening wear.

9. Jacob & Co. 2-Tone Left and Right Diamond Cufflinks: $35,200.00/Pair

This two tone cufflink offers the ideal solution for edgy executives intent on standing out from the crowd. Crafted in intricate cubic designs using pieces of white and yellow canary diamonds weighing a total of 3.44 carats each, these cufflinks sport a simple whale back clasp. Paired with a dark jacket, these cufflinks are bound to get you a second look during meetings or outings.