The Strangest Wedding Dresses Ever

Whether it’s the theme, venue or simply the wedding cake, brides nowadays are thinking outside the box to make their big day special and memorable for years to come.

From the wedding dress to flowers to shoes, everything is of utmost importance and concern for a bride-to-be.

When it comes to a wedding dress, there is a range of trendy options available in the market, from designer wedding gowns to vintage styled wedding dresses. The bride-to-be needs to make sure she picks the right one. In order to make a big impression while walking down the aisle, some brides opt for strange and unusual wedding dresses, which sometimes prove to be a big disaster and leave you with awful memories forever. Here we have listed some of the most unusual wedding dresses of all time, which we would not suggest any bride-to-be to don on her big day.

Peacock feather dress

The Peacock feather dress looks simply stunning, but the idea of wearing this on your wedding day seems eccentric to me. The unusual Peacock feather dress by Chinese designers was fashioned out of 2009 peacock tail feathers along with 60 Hetian jades and was showcased at a wedding expo in Nanjing, China in 2009. The peacock wedding dress was valued at $1.9 million. The weird yet beautiful gown took eight handicraftsmen and two weeks to complete.