The Shocking Details of Marilyn Monroe Death

The Housekeeper’s Timeline Changed Frequently

Eunice Murray’s story changed often the night of Monroe’s death. She originally claimed she awoke around 3am and saw a light under Monroe’s door, which caused her to become alarmed. She said she phoned Dr. Greenson, who arrived a few minutes later.

However, according to Sergeant Jack Clemmons, Murray told him that she phoned Greenson around midnight. She later changed the time to 3am when questioned by a different detective.

Other people who claimed they were told Monroe had died around midnight were Peter Lawford, who persisted in trying to check up on her after their earlier conversation, and Milton Rudin, her attorney, who was given the news by Dr. Greenson himself.

These discrepancies in time have been interpreted as proof that Greenson and Murray were staging their own cover-up of the actress’s death between midnight and when the police were finally called at 4:25am.