The Sexiest Dresses In Red Carpet History

5. Jaimie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere

When you’re heading to the premiere of a film as anticipated as Thor: The Dark World, you know that you’ll have to go above and beyond to stand out on the red carpet – after all, everyone is just interested in seeing Thor.

Jaimie Alexander came clad in a long black gown – with a few risqué cutouts. Basically, the floor length, long-sleeved black gown had cut outs exposing ample cleavage, a curved section of her stomach, a flash of hip, derrière, and a whole lot of leg. It’s definitely not a gown for the shy, and while the gown was pretty stunning in her still shots, we wonder how she was ensuring she didn’t show off anything X-rated during her strut down the red carpet.