The Sexiest Dresses In Red Carpet History

When it comes to the red carpet, all eyes are on the women. Sure, some male stars who are most frequently seen in jeans and a t-shirt may get a few eyebrow raises at how well they clean up in a fitted suit and tie.

More often than not, however, the men tend to blend together. The women? That’s a whole different story.

For female celebrities, the red carpet is a high stakes catwalk. Whether they’re attending the red carpet event in anticipation of potentially winning an award, or just to support their fellow entertainment industry folks, all eyes are on those gowns.

The question “who are you wearing?” peppers the entire red carpet, from the minute a female celeb steps out of her limo to the minute she’s in her seat. The biggest designer names are dying to get a female celeb into one of their custom haute couture gowns, because they know that all that red carpet attention will mean big sales.

So, at the end of the day, the dress a female celeb picks to wear on the red carpet – or, commonly, what her stylist picks for her to wear – is a huge decision. Do you go classic or bold? Do you go with a sleek, figure-hugging look or a voluminous ball gown? Do you wear a neutral, blush colored gown or go all-out with a vibrant emerald green? The options are truly limitless.

While the majority of celebs opt to go a bit more conservative when it comes to gowns, playing with the texture, color and cut rather than the length of the garment, some celebs are determined to show off all their hard work at the gym in a revealing dress.

Here are 10 of the most revealing dresses in red carpet history. Whether celebs wore them strutting down the red carpet for music awards shows, film awards or film premieres, these gowns definitely raised quite a few eyebrows when they showed up on camera.

10. Jennifer Lopez – 2000 Grammy Awards

Now, we’re not saying that the green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards put her on the map, but… well, it kind of did. It was a year after her debut album, she was gaining popularity in the music industry, and she showed up on the arm of then-boyfriend Sean Combs.

All eyes were on her, and she absolutely floored them with her choice of attire. The dress had semi-sheer printed fabric on the bottom, but the wow factor came from the deep, deep plunging V neckline. Whether you loved it or hated it, you can’t ignore that the dress absolutely set the media on fire, immediately eclipsing any other garment on the red carpet at that event.