The Oscars Most Expensive Dresses In History

4. Elizabeth Taylor, 1970 — auctioned for $167,500

The periwinkle and violet chiffon dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor to the 1970 Academy Awards takes its place amongst the most iconic dresses worn to the Oscars. The dress was another designed by Edith Head, who had the pleasure of designing for some of the most famous actresses ever. While it’s again unclear exactly how much the dress cost to make, it’s certainly worth a substantial amount now, having been auctioned off in 1999 for close to one hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

One of Taylor’s most notable trademarks were her arresting violet-coloured eyes, which Head had in mind with her design of this dress. The matching of the dress to the eyes was accentuated further with violet eyeshadow, and Taylor completed the outfit with a sixty-nine carat diamond necklace which was a present from her husband, Richard Burton.