The Most Popular Blue Jeans Style Evolution

For the past 50 years, blue jeans have been the epitome of every day style in the Western world. But in 1873, when Levi Strauss patented the denim pant, he had no inkling of the mainstream clothing article it would become.

Struass, who arrived in California as a 24 year-old German immigrant, just wanted a pair of trousers sturdy enough to last through a day of mining in the gold rush.

It wasn’t until 1934 that the first blue jean was designed specifically for women. Previously, women ranchers borrowed their husbands’ pants for working in the rough conditions of the old West, but now Levi Strauss was tailoring them specifically for a woman’s body. Over the next few decades, Lady Levi’s traveled from cowgirls of the West to department stores across the United States.

By the 1960s, they were a staple in many women’s wardrobes. From the 60’s to today, women’s jeans have changed drastically in their fit and fabric, but one thing that’s remained is their popularity. Let’s take a look back at their evolution through the ages.

1960’s: Bell Bottoms


In the 1960s, young women rebelled against the full skirts of the previous decade by sporting bell bottom jeans. These mid-rise pants were fitted on the thighs and then flared from the knee down. The durable fabric of the jean was perfect for the hippie movement; they protected outdoor protesters against the elements and were sturdy and stylish at concerts. For example, at the famous Woodstock Festival of 1969, jeans were the go-to clothing article to make it through the three days of mud and music.

At the forefront of this look was 17 year-old British model, Twiggy. Her thin, boyish figure and short haircut challenged conventional women’s beauty, fitting right in with the rebellious mood of the decade.