The Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

Have you ever wondered which are the most highly priced virginities ever sold? Have a look on the following list to find out.

When we look back then, virginity was considered to be a precious thing for a girl to have until she ties the knot. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter. These days, girls are selling their virginities on eBay in order to arrange money for their family and college. It is really a new way to raise easy, fastest money. Most of us may not agree with this thing, but most girls find it creative. Many women raised funds by auctioning off their “most precious thing” to the topmost bidder.

10. Rosie Reid ($13000)

The London-based Rosie Reid is ranked No. 10 in this list of most costly virginities. In 2004, she sold her virginity when she was just 18 to a mid-aged engineer for $13300.

He was the father of two and ready to pay huge sums to rule her virginity. He won the auction after around 2000 bids. Back then, her lesbian girlfriend sold her virginity. Later on, she regretted her decisions and they cried all night.