The Most Expensive Leather Shoes For Men

As far as it comes to men’s wear and fashion industry watches shoes bags and cufflinks and most of the entire men shoe can make a long lasting impression.

Leather is as old as man himself he used to wear animal skin after tanning and other procedure however gradually the leather became more efficient more refined any it started to be one of the most essential part of man wears . Assyrians had started to use leather for foot wear purposes. The current era pure leather wears are is considered as one of the most one expensive man’s wearing.

Here the most expensive leather shoes in the world:

5. Berluti Rapieces Reprises – $1830

These shoes are for those men, who want to stand prominent in the crowd by wearing expensive pairs. These are worth $1830 and they have a unique quality. They shine and suit elegant personalities. Wearing them is something not everyone is master at.


Berlitz is in shoe making industry since 1895. It makes and retails shoes and boots for men. It is known worldwide for its unique and most expensive shoes for men leather finishing and high quality. It also makes good range of leather goods like bags, belts and wallets. It’s a Paris-based company popular globally. It has limited distribution and in US it is available in their Miami and New York stores. In Europe, they have only seven Berluti boutiques. In Middle East, there are six and in Asia they have twenty-five.