The Most Expensive Katy Perry Outfits

2. Teeth Bling & Leopard Skin – $10,000+

At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City, the pop star didn’t just wear a tight-fitting, loud leopard print dress with embroidered gold butterflies. She also stepped out with a diamond set of grills on her upper teeth. That’s right – she had a rainbow colored grill covering up her pearly whites and it spelt out “Roar”, the name of one of her hit singles.

Worth about $1,000 this mouth piece was reportedly designed by celebrity jewelry designer Paul (The Ice Man) Wall. Diamond encrusted grills can easily cost $10,000 and more. The slinky leopard print dress was part of French designer Emanuel Ungaro’s Fall 2013 collection. It’s no longer available to purchase but Ungaro’s dresses tend to cost up to $10,000 a piece.