The Most Disturbing Results of Plastic Surgery

The man who underwent breast augmentation after a $ 100,000 bet

Guys, what would you do for a bet? Shave your eyebrows? Dye your hair? Get your nipple pierced? How about getting breast implants? No? Then frankly, you just aren’t the man that Brian Zembic is. In 1996, Brian Zembic took a bet for $100,000 that he wouldn’t keep a set of 38C breast implants in for a year. He did. The twist? He still has them…

The story of Brian’s breasts begins in the summer of 1996 when he had a conversation with a friend named Jobo about breast implants. Somehow the argument escalated to the point where the pair agreed that they would enter into a wager where Zembic would receive breast implants and if he kept them in for a year he would win $100,000.

Nothing more might have come of it, until Brian lost a large amount of money playing the stock market and decided to take on the bet to cover his losses. He found a cosmetic surgeon who was also a gambler and after a few games of backgammon, was able to win the $4,500 he needed to pay for the surgery.

In October 1996 Zembic underwent the breast augmentation surgery in New York. Jobo, hearing that Zembic had had the surgery, offered to buy out the bet by paying $50,000 to cancel the wager. Zembic refused and said he would see the wager through for the full year and full $100,000. In October 1997, he fulfilled the arrangements of the bet and Jobo deposited the full $100,000 into a Swiss bank account.

Since then, Brian has appeared on numerous TV shows and magazines to talk about his boobs. He claims that the breast implants have made him more popular with women and that he wouldn’t have them removed unless his daughter was picked on as a result of his bizarre choice.