The Most Disturbing Results of Plastic Surgery

Currently, pleasant looks seems to everything many people is looking to. Some will go any length in order to achieve their expected appearance.

Plastic surgery is the most used method in achieving the best appearance as possible. However, extreme plastic surgery procedures might lead deformities. The following is the 8 most disturbing body parts after plastic surgery.

The woman with Europe’s largest fake breasts

Beshine currently holds the title of “Biggest Breasts in Europe” and though she started her boob od(d)yssey as a humble B cup, she’s now a mind boggling Z-cup, thanks to expander implants which she refills as regularly as she can.

Beshine says that she doesn’t suffer from backache due to a strict program of back strengthening but does struggle to find clothes that fit and, not surprisingly, can no longer sleep on her stomach, though apparently lying on her back or side is still possible.