The Life of Human Barbie

What about your diet?
I really like all kinds of vegetables and especially broccoli. And regular cabbage and cauliflower. I always make myself salads out of them. I also really like nuts, but I don’t eat many of them because they are very high-calorie. For fruit, it’s grapefruit and apples. I’m a raw-dieter. For many years, I have eaten only raw foods. We need to love nature and stop polluting it. Stop eating animals. I want to encourage everyone to become a vegetarian like me.

Are there any treats that you allow yourself to have, like chocolate?
Not lately because I’m working to have definition, especially definition in the abs. I’ve noticed that even if I eat one ice cream, the next day, I have a thicker fat layer, so I try not to eat that.

In the past, you’ve said you lived on light and air, but now you eat raw foods. What did you mean when you said you only lived on light and air? Was it a misinterpretation?
Maybe it meant that I fast. But most of the week I do not starve. I just do not see any reason for it. I do follow a raw food diet.

Is it hard to buy clothes for your body shape?
Yes, it’s very hard. I usually have to take everything in at the waist. I try to order clothes custom-made to size. I get help. I have a friend who’s a designer [Dominika777] and she designs clothes especially for me. They’re very pretty and creative, and I like to wear them because I’m the only one who has them.