The Life of Human Barbie

How old are you? Do you have an anti-aging skin care routine?
I don’t advertise my age because in our country, it’s considered bad taste to advertise a girl’s age. I don’t need any kind of anti-aging products yet because my skin is young. I use a line for young skin, but I love to do masks. I really like to do my own masks from natural ingredients. I like to nourish my skin because even at my age, many use Botox. But I’m opposed to that. I think that if we can preserve [our skin], we should do that. I’m not worried [about getting old] because the most important thing is our thoughts. We look however we feel.

How long does it take you to prepare to go out in public and what are some of your favorite products?
Well, about an hour [for makeup]. And an hour for my hair too. My favorite face cream is Dior. I can’t live without it. Also Estée Lauder. I really like Clinique too.

How often do you work out?
Every day. I run in the morning for an hour, then I spend three hours in the gym right afterward, in the morning. But that’s right now because I’m not in my usual setting. When I have a lot of time and I’m home, then I work out for five or six hours.

When I go [to the gym] in the evening, I don’t remove my makeup, but when I go in the morning, I usually don’t put on makeup. There aren’t usually many people at the gym [in the morning]. People always stare at me; sometimes they take pictures of me.

Would you ever consider not spending so much time in the gym and just living?
For me, it is normal, [like how] other people brush their teeth and take a shower. For me, it is necessary to engage in weight-lifting. It’s part of me. It’s my lifestyle. I do not see myself without sport. It’s sort of [a] pleasure for me. My body thanks me for constant training and an increase in strength.

What do you think about the body-positivity movement, where people love their bodies as they are, not trying to lose weight to change how they look?
I think that the important thing is being in harmony. If a person feels good, then let him live as he wants. We should never judge. We need to develop the acceptance and tolerance of any human’s choice, and we have no right to judge anyone.