The Life of Human Barbie

Lukyanova has managed to remain in the public’s consciousness because in addition to her extreme physique (the only surgery she’s admitted to is breast implants), she has created an intriguing backstory around herself. She claims to be able to speak to aliens, to time-travel, and to be a spiritual leader called Amatue.

She claims not to be a feminist. She’s continued to share her life online, often posting multiple images per day of herself in rapid succession on Instagram, where she posts as Amatue. She is a self-described “opera new-age” singer, as well as an “actress, writer and poet,” according to her profile.

Amatue/Valeria, at least if her Instagram and YouTube pages are any indication, travels the world, works out in the gym a lot, and wears many muddy-looking face masks, all while using as many hashtags as possible, usually in multiple languages. She’s even sung at a club in Chile and is offering seminars to teach her spiritual out-of-body ideology to the curious.

She has more than 26,000 followers on her Amatue Instagram account and 206,000 followers on her Valeria Lukyanova account.