The Life of Human Barbie

“She looks like most of her body’s been replaced by injection molded plastic prosthetics,” a commenter on a Daily Beast interview said, which is a common sentiment. She retorted to V, “Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves … This is how they justify not wanting to strive for self-improvement.”

She fueled the conversation by obligingly posting image after cleavage-filled image on Facebook and Instagram. Other human Barbies popped up, also in Lukyanova’s home country of Ukraine. Human Kens too. After keeping a relatively low media profile for many months, she’s back in the news after posting very revealing pictures of herself wearing tiny jorts on her Facebook page.

The pictures prompted a backlash from commenters who criticized her body and her psychological well-being. She replied to them: “It is a pity that most people choose instead the path of degradation.”