The Facts about Fashion Week that you probably don’t know

When talking about fashion there are two words that describe the highlights of the year: Fashion Week!

Some designers show their latest styles every year at the same city, whilst others present their collections at all Big Four (the shows take place in this order): New York, London, Milan and Paris.

All big four fashion shows are known for presenting different styles, it would be quite boring if designers showed the same collection over and over again, don’t you think? New York has a more casual chic and sportswear style; London for edgy, avant-garde; Milan for exaggerated yet stylish looks and Paris for haute couture.

Each fashion week has over 100 events, from runaway shows to charity events, also gala dinners and accessory show cases. The big names in the fashion industry will, of course, present their collections during the main week of any fashion show.

What to learn more? Here are facts about Fashion Week that you probably don’t know:

Fact #10
“Fashion Weeks” are as much about dictating clothing trends as they are about the latest in accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, hats and make-up.