The Darker Side of Adult Industry Revealed


4. Michelle Avanti – Empty Pay Promises

Madelyne (AKA Michelle Avanti) was born in 1980 and survived a troublesome childhood. Her father was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and shortly after she was born, Avanti’s parents divorced.

Recalling her middle school years, she said, “I never felt accepted. I started exploring alcohol, drugs, and sex until one day I got raped by a friend of mine and it wasn’t going to be last time.”

After leaving school, she found herself with no job but meeting various characters at parties that were connected with the industry. One man, in particular, assured her he would have well-paid work for her.

But Avanti’s promised money turned out to be nothing but a carrot on a stick, and she ended up performing her 67 films for next to nothing bar the ever present supply of drugs and alcohol.