The Darker Side of Adult Industry Revealed

5. Jersey Jaxin – The Prevalence Of STDs

Having made over 200 movies in her three-year career, Tanya Burleson (AKA Jaxin) saw the gritty underbelly of the industry. In an interview for babypinkroses.blogspot, she said, “I don’t believe I worked with one person who didn’t at one time have an STD.”

But it wasn’t just the prevalence of STDs within the unregulated industry that made Burleson realize she had taken a wrong turn — she was subjected to physical abuse, too.

“Guys are punching you in the face. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It’s never ending. You’re viewed as an object — not as a human with a spirit.

People do drugs because they can’t deal with the way they’re being treated.” What’s more, while Burleson’s stories of her time in the industry appear graphic, she’s not alone in her testimony. It was all around her and not being stopped.