The Darker Side of Adult Industry Revealed

6. Jennie Ketcham – The Young Are Targeted

Now an American writer and television personality, Jennie Ketcham joined the adult scene back in 2002 aged 18. By the time of her departure in 2009, she had starred in over 200 adult features. In 2009, she attended a rehab clinic and was treated for sex addiction.

Although believing she could use her visit as a way to self-promote her own career, she soon had a change of heart and realized she had issues that desperately required treatment.

Although she claimed a glamour actress could make in the region of $15,000 a month, Ketcham realized the industry was not for her. In a BuzzFeed interview back in 2012, she said, “I’d been using people and drugs and the industry as a means of numbing myself.”

And it was for this reason that Ketcham eventually made the decision to rid herself of her addictions to sex and drugs and make a new life for herself.