The Biggest Celebrity Makeup Fails

Makeup is women’s biggest weapon, known to powerfully turn plain Janes into goddesses.

With a stroke of a brush, cosmetics can easily create illusions: elongate a nose, make the eyes bigger, the skin smoother, and the face younger. Hollywood celebrities have a team of makeup artists and stylists to make them look good 24/7. Despite that, makeup blunders are still unavoidable among our A-list stars. Style faux pas can still happen to stars even with a large team of professionals.

Here are some biggest celeb makeup fails in history. A bad makeup look can be disastrous to a celeb’s image. A bad photo of you will wind up on the internet and will basically stay there — forever. Whether intentional or not, the moral of the story is simple: Treat your makeup artists nicely, because they can sabotage you.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone often comes to Hollywood events bare-faced and still radiant. It’s a wonder why she decided to sport amateur smokey eye makeup in the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The charcoal eyeshadow and pencil made her look like a raccoon.