The Baywatch Girls Then vs NOW

8. Alexandra Paul

Who would have thought that the Baywatch star without the silicone upgrades would go on to be arguably the most successful star? Absolutely no one in the 1990’s is the answer. Alexandra Paul has performed in over seventy movies and television shows since Baywatch, and lets not forget that she has a lot more than looks, being accepted to Stanford, producing and writing award winning documentaries, and a regular with TEDx.

She still acts, but we feel is more deserving of praise for being one of those rare celebrities that gets involved and cares about issues affecting our planet – rather than just being a pretty spokes person. She has been arrested over a dozen times for civil disobedience, and is involved in animal rights, environmentalism, and gay rights. Irrespective of anyone’s politics, we salute Alexandra for caring enough to do something – she is an inspiration!