The Baywatch Girls Then vs NOW

5. Brooke Burns

Amusingly Wikipedia has a note that she is not to be confused with Brooke Burke, which is exactly what we did, much head scratching was had when we couldn’t remember the former appearing in Baywatch. Brooke BURNS first starred in Baywatch as Jessie Owens, but followed on from this success in many other big TV shows including Ally McBeal, Drop Dead Diva, CSI Miami, and Average Joe Hawaii.

She broke her neck in a diving accident in 2005 but made a full recovery, although she now has a titanium rod in her neck. Brooke is an exceptional woman who donates huge amounts of time to Pediatric AIDS, Give Back a Smile, and a wide range of other charities. Her best known role other than Baywatch is staring as both the pretty and ugly Katrina in Shallow Hal.