Ten Strange Facts of Princess Diana’s Death

3. The Infamous White Fiat Uno

To some, the mystery white Fiat Uno was the “smoking gun” of the whole evening. Its presence had been denied at first, but there were paint markings on the remains of the Mercedes, and shattered pieces of red taillight glass matching a Fiat Uno were recovered at the entrance in the tunnel.

It appeared that there was a collision between the Mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi and the white Fiat Uno, which resulted in Henri Paul losing control of the car. Some people, however, have questioned whether the Fiat Uno was there on purpose to facilitate the crash.

Suspicions grew more when the car was never officially located despite a nationwide search. It appeared to have vanished into thin air.Conspiracy theorists pointed to the death of ex-MI6 agent James Andanson, who, officially at least, committed suicide several years following Diana’s death.

Andanson owned a white Fiat Uno that had been officially ruled out as the one involved in the crash due to it being too run-down.