Ten Strange Facts of Princess Diana’s Death

7.  Threatening Phone Call Regarding Banning Landmines

In the controversial documentary Unlawful Killing, Simone Simmonds, a longtime friend and associate of Diana’s, spoke of being with the former royal when she received a phone call from a “high ranking [UK] government official” concerning her ongoing campaign for the banning of landmines.

According to Simmonds, when Diana passed her the phone so she could hear what was being said, she heard a gentleman say, “Don’t meddle in things you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen.”

Simmonds told this version of events during the inquiry into Diana’s death.Diana very much took this as a genuine threat and already feared that British Intelligence was listening to her phone calls.

Incidentally, it was revealed years after her death that even such agencies as the NSA had thousands of transcripts of her phone calls during this time. They refused to release them, however, for reasons of security.