Supra TK Society as seen on Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber

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Remember when the original Air Jordan came out? It was the most stylish shoe on the planet, something you’ve never seen before. Even though Terry Kennedy isn’t to skateboarding what Jordan was to basketball, it’s a much closer comparison on the sneaker front. The Supra TK Society features a suede/leather upper, high memory plyurethane insole, a grippy vulcanized rubber outsole and the exclusive SupraFoam midsole. Even though all these high-quality components make it the perfect skateboarding shoe, it still follows the performance meets high-end fashion formula of the Air Jordan, so it’s not just for skateboarding . As Biebs and Weezy show, their unique design makes them very noticeable with any kind of casual outfit, so you don’t have to be a skateboarder to truly appreciate this work of art.

 “I wanted to make something that’s completely outside of skating. I wanted to give people some high-end fashion; fly…I just wanted to take it there. I mean just think about how Michael Jordan’s shoe was when it first came out. They were the flyest s#%^ on earth, like s#!% you never seen before! So I just wanted to do something like that and make a shoe where people were gonna flip. Just add a new twist to the game.” -Terry Kennedy

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