Statement Earrings – the Most Eye catching Styles

If fashion bloggers and runway observers are to be believed, one of the new trends for this year is “statement earrings.” This means big, bold, and sometimes bizarre earring or earring-type jewelry that’s meant to be the center of your ensemble.

Ear cuffs are relatively new jewelry trend, and it’s almost unbelievable, how popular they have become for a short period of time. We have seen many celebrities wearing ear cuffs, and it may be the time we also try out this new and exciting jewelry trend.

Great thing about most ear cuffs is that you do not need to have your ear pierced many times in order to wear them. If you have been wondering on how to choose and wear ear cuffs, here are several tips for you.

Other than common rules which apply to wearing other types of jewelry – such as “no massive pieces for petite women”, “choosing color that is contrasting to hair color” – you have full freedom to choose your ear cuff. There is a great variety of ear cuffs to choose from!

If you want to go for something feminine and gentle, floral ear cuff is one of your options. If funky and unusual is what you are looking for – you can choose from anything from spiked ear cuff to an oversized ear cuff with a pointed top. Even if you haven’t worn any ear cuff in your life, by this time you have probably figured out, that only one single piece is worn at a time.

And what about clothing style suitable for such accessory as ear cuff? Pretty much any style, except for formal attire.

There’s no doubt that the look is edgy. It harkens back to the early to mid nineties, when simple ear cuffs were a trend…but this is stepping it up a notch. I think the crystal scroll featured up above is sort of beautiful in a sorcerer-and-magic-spells kind of way.

But the other two? I’m not so sure. The one at left is almost too 90′s–it makes me think of a washed up rocker from a hair band. And the one at right is just…bold. A little Star Trek-y. Plus I’d worry about my hair getting stuck in it. So what do you think…would you dare to wear it? Here are some more: