Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Carrera Daytona 1 sunglasses

Sean “Diddy” Combs has always been one of the most stylish figures in hip-hop. He is rarely seen without a sleek pair of sunglasses, which has become a huge part of his image. One of his personal favorites is the 62mm Carrera Daytona 1/S aviators, which he was spotted with on multiple ocasions. Being on the second richest man in the hip-hop industry (after Dr Dre and before Jay-Z), Diddy can more than afford to have a discriminating taste in eyewear, but it’s not that hard to see why he chose the relatively inexpensive Daytona 1/S. The ultra light metal alloy makes them ultra light and sturdy at the same time, while the 62mm lenses provide 100% UV protection

. Even though Diddy seems partial to the black and gold frame, these shades also come in black/red, gold/white and dark ruthen/black. They all have a clean look that would go well with any kind of outfit, whether it’s a suit or a casual jeans/t-shirt combo.  If you a fan of leather jackets, aviators like these are a must because the two always compliment each other superbly, as Diddy demonstrates in the photos above.

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