Plus Size Models Secrets Revealed

Some brands are starting to tackle the issue and hire plus-sized models with figures that vaguely resemble those of their customers. Georgina, for example, has modelled for Evans. Catalogue firm Yours Clothing, which caters for sizes 14 to 36 and is launching stores across the country, hires size 16 or 18 models for all of its shoots. ‘We pride ourselves on using true plus-size models who represent real women our customers can relate to,’ says spokeswoman Eve Tyers. ‘Our clothes are designed and fitted to be a true plus-size, to properly fit and flatter our customers, not mannequins.’

Yet many plus-sized labels still seem too horrified by the reality of a size 16 body — with its lumps, bumps and wobbly bits — to use one in campaigns. And while retailers certainly want to sell their wares to bigger women — tapping into an industry worth an estimated £6.3 billion in the UK this year alone — they apparently don’t want them spoiling the lines of clothes.

Instead, they are hiring slim women, padding their bottoms, busts and hips, and moulding them into ‘perfect’ plus-sized beauties — shapes that are even less natural and attainable than the pencil-thin figures of supermodels such as Kate Moss.

Via dailymail. co. uk