Plus Size Models Secrets Revealed

The fashion industry’s classification for a plus-size model is anything over a UK size 10 Debra Bourne, co-founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk ‘I can understand how this industry terminology can cause offence to the public, as most models who range from size 12 to 16 and from 5ft 7in to 6ft can still be proportionally very slender and simply curvaceous, as opposed to extremely thin.’

It’s certainly clear that lean, tall models have little in common with most British women — something many fuller-figured shoppers are all too aware of. The average UK woman is 5ft 3in tall, boasts a 38in bust, 34in waist and 40in hips. Meanwhile, Katie Green is 5ft 10in and her measurements are 37-29-41.
In the absence of realistic images of bigger women, shoppers are now looking to plus-sized bloggers for an idea of how clothes will really look on them.

Raven-haired Georgina Horne, 22, who is size 16 to 18 and wears a 36HH bra, puts photos of herself in plus-size fashions on her popular blog. She says: ‘The industry is saturated with so many different shapes and sizes of models who each represent a different segment of women. Quite why a company chooses to use a “padded” slimmer model instead of one who is genuinely the size they are after is beyond me, and it feels a little insulting.’