Plus Size Models Secrets Revealed

Marquita, a UK size 12-14, also revealed that plus-sized models often follow strict diets to avoid putting on weight, just like their size 8 colleagues. She said she was on a low-wheat diet and exercised frequently. The debate over what constitutes a plus-sized model was ignited this week by photos of incredibly slim-looking Calvin Klein model Myla Dalbesio, who is said to be a size 14.

In pictures from the lingerie giant’s new advertising campaign, Myla shows off a sharp jawline and highly defined cheekbones — without the slightest hint of a second chin. Plus size swimsuit calendar – ‘sexy curves go beyond size four’

The end result: Super-sized Katie sporting a fuller bust, wider hips and a larger behind thanks to the padding.  Her limbs are exercise-honed and her skin free of Rubenesque ripples. But it isn’t just designer brands that are trying to pass off slim women as plus-sized. High Street chain Evans, which has done an enormous amount to promote acceptance of bigger sizes, uses tall, size 14 models for its Lookbooks — the catalogues that promote new collections.

Size 14 is hardly plus-sized in most people’s eyes. But Debra Bourne, co-founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk — which campaigns for diversity in modelling — says: ‘The fashion industry’s classification for a plus-size model is anything over a UK size 10.