Plus Size Models Secrets Revealed

Here, model Katie Green shows just how effective, and misleading, this can be.

At size 12, she isn’t plus-sized — the average UK woman is a size 16 and most High Street stores stock clothes up to at least a 14 — but Katie admits she has often had to wear padding on photoshoots for plus-sized clothing, to get the required ‘curvy’ silhouette. Turning Katie’s body into a svelte-yet-curvy size 16 is simple and takes just minutes.

Oval pads an inch-and-a-half thick are cut out of foam and slipped inside long control shorts to fill out her bottom and hips — and emphasise her slim size 12 waist. Her bust is boosted with ‘chicken fillets’ — silicone breast-enhancers sold at High Street stores such as Marks & Spencer — slipped inside her bra.

The steps might be simple but the effect is extraordinary. With a small waist, slim legs and va-va-voom curves, Katie is technically now a size 16, but has a perfect hourglass shape that many real size 16 women would do anything for. ‘I was always between a size 10 and 12,’ says Katie, ‘so as a model I had to choose which way to go. I like my food, so I went plus-size. I don’t mind wearing padding. I just want to stay healthy, and this is the size I naturally am.’